It's a Girl!

It's a Girl!
Keely Solana Sanchez 12.22.08

Baby Sanchez...Boy or Girl?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

As you can see we are reeeeeeaaaaalllly bad at this blog thing. Part of my excuse is because I'm hardly ever on the actual computer now that my sweet hubby got me an iPhone for my birthday almost a year ago. I pretty much do everything from my phone now that I used to do on the computer. So I figured hey...maybe I can just write a little blog from my phone after all:). So there may not be many pics because I don't know how to do that from my phone, but I might be a little better at updating this thing. Anyone know of a blogging app??? So a lot has happened since the last blog...Keely turned 1, she's now running everywhere and talking some (she says leche, agua, mama, Papa, bebe, no, rana, wowow=perro, hi, hola, bye, and lots of animal sounds). We had a BIG first birthday party for her complete with a piƱata with lots of friends and family. A little after that we had our first WHITE Christmas I can remember here in Tx. We all loved waking up Christmas morning and going out and playing in the snow- dogs included:). Then we had more snow 8 inches or something! Again we all bundled up and played our hearts out cuz we didn't know if it would ever snow like that again. Will has been staying VERY busy at work, but fortunately only traveling a few times a month if that. He has really enjoyed being able to come home every night and have quality family time bonding with his baby girl. A few weeks ago we joined him on the road after he was done with the work part of the trip. He was down in Corpus Christi, so Keely and I hopped on a plane for her first plane ride to spend some time with papa. I had my bag of tricks and I was ready for the plane...the 2 hour delay at the airport not so much. Needless to say we walked pretty much the whole airport to kill time and wear her out so she was ready to sit for 2 hours. She did fine on the plane, people kept saying how she was such a good flyer. I, however, was on the egde of my seat ready to pull out my next trick the second she squeeked. The weather was beautiful so we were able to go to the beach, go swimming, and we went to the coolest aquarium. We were pleasently surprised with how nice Corpus was. A great little get-a-way:)! We definitly realized relaxing vacations are over for a while though;). With Keely with us it go go go! Very cool to be able to experience things through her eyes. We were soooo happy to be back home and in our own beds though! For those of you expecting, I defintely recommend a baby moon before your little one gets here:). I'm still just working two times a week. Keely's abuela and my sister each watch her a day while I work. It's so great for her to be able to spend alone time and bond with them, but I really miss her. Being a mom has been soooo awesome! Don't get me wrong it definitely has it's ups and downs and it's 24/7, but WOW, I love it! I can't believe how much fun I have playing with her every day! Kids are truely miracles! God is amazing!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Summer 2009

at the Zoo

First trip to the Zoo for Papa and Keely

Keely's first 4th of July (poor Papa had just gotten his wisdom teeth removed-we took good care of him though;))

Keely's momma's birthday

First time to the pool

catch up pics

Keely's dedication and my first Mother's day:)

Keely's first Cinco de Mayo

Keely's first Easter

Keely's first St. Patrick's Day

Keely's first laugh:)

Monday, November 2, 2009

So we forgot the password to our blog...yes we are that bad at blogging. We had a wonderful summer full of swimming, family, a trip to the zoo and lots of wonderful memories. Keely started crawling around 6mos and has now taken a few steps and is climbing on everything. We have had so much fun seeing everything through her eyes. She is hilarious! I have enjoyed being able to work just two days a week and spend so much time with Keely. We have had fun getting together with other moms and babies:) and having little playdates. We are very sad to say that in the end of September Keely's Abuelo (Will's dad) past away. We miss him very much and are so greatful we were able to spend so much time with him and that he was able to see Keely. We thank God for all our wonderful friends and family who are so caring and helpful during this time. We are happy Fall is here and have enjoyed some nice walks in the pretty weather. In the end of October we took a trip down to Austin for one of my bestfriends wedding. We were all apart of the wedding party so it was very exciting:). "Pastor" Will did a great job performing the ceremony and Keely was a beautiful little flower girl. We had a blast dancing the night away. Keely wanted to be on the dance floor the whole time. We were very happy to get home though, Keely is not the best hotel sleeper (which means we don't sleep). So I'm gonna try and be better at blogging. Here's to hoping:)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Catching up...
I'm trying to remember where I left off...We enjoyed celebrating St. Patricks Day by having my family and some friends over. We had Will's green pina coladas, and some other fun green food. Keely wore her St. Patty's day outfit her great aunt Patty sent her. My Grandma came into town for her quarterly stay with my parents (she lives with my parents 3 mos on 3 mos off). It was sooo fun to have her come and finally meet Keely!! She is a proud GREAT grandma. Since my sister and mom watch Keely while I work, they get to spend quite a bit of time together. Keely's fun new thing for 3 mos was laughing. We were giving her a bath and I decided to take a picture to show how much she is growing. All of a sudden she burst into a huge belly laugh. Of course Will and I then started laughing and we all sat there laughing for a good few minutes. We love her little laugh, such a sweet sound! Work has been staying busy for me, which is great. Will is still getting used to his new role at work, but enjoying the challenge (and not traveling as much!!!) Keely at 4 months has blossomed into a sweet little seems like we are seeing more and more of her little personality. She is now laughing alot, talking alot, sitting up for short periods of time, and rolling over like a champ (which now makes her a tummy sleeper). At her 4 month appointment she weighed 15.5 pounds (in the 92%tile) and was 26 inches long (in the 96 %tile). So she is still growing strong. We celebrated Cinco de Mayo with Will's family and Keely wore her little "mexicana" dress:). Then we watched the Mavericks lose unfortunately. We are still a family of Mavs fans. Though its not looking too good this season. This past Sunday I enjoyed my first official mother's day. Will and Keely bought me a "mom" necklace and a gc for a mani/ pedi (= alone time). We dedicated Keely at church (such a special time) and then celebrated with family at lunch at our favorite Italian restaurant. It was so special to have my grandma there. We are about to take our first little road trip with Keely to see my brother graduate. Fortunately Waco isn't too far so I think she will be great! It will be our first night out of the house (our safe little bubble) since she was we will see how much stuff we will have to cram into the car to make the hotel baby ready:). We are looking forward to a fun summer at the pool:)....I cant wait to take her swimming!!! I will post pictures of the events I wrote about soon:). ~Blessings~

Thursday, March 5, 2009

We went to Keely's 2 mos. check up last week, and it went GREAT! The doctor said she was very strong and smart. Keely weighed 12.78 pounds which puts her in the 89% for weight, she was 23.5 inches long putting her in the 86% for height. So we have a big healthy baby! She still is just taking her little cat naps during the day, keeping mommy busy. She is now "sleeping through the night" (I don't know who decided 5-6 hours was "through the night"), so we are very grateful for a little more sleep. Last Friday Keely's Tia Maria pierced her ears. Now I don't have to dress her in head to toe pink (which as most of you know I am not a fan of) in order for people to tell she is a girl. With her cute little ear rings she looks even more like a sweet little girl. We took her to get some pictures taken last night. Of course she didn't smile or do much of her cute little stuff until we were finished. Hopefully some turned out well so we can show she was a happy baby at 2 mos:). Will is staying busy with his new position at work, and I am enjoying my two days of work and coming home to my sweet little family. Will is an amazing dad! I keep asking him which finger she has him wrapped around;). She loves her papa! Its amazing how both of us can spend some much time playing with her already. He also enjoys the Sunday afternoon family naps (as you can see in the pic). She is still sleeping in her cradle in our room at night, but is now taking her naps up in her room (with the exception of the family naps:)where we all snuggle in our bed). We are enjoying this beautiful weather and taking lots of walks. Keely is loving her puppies. And her puppies are loving her:). Life is good in the Sanchez home.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It has been a busy few weeks.... Keely has grown so much!! I have gone back to work two days a week, so far I haven't cried leaving her. Right now she is staying with my mom and sister while I work. Once she is 3 mos. we will be putting her in a home child care close to my work. I think since I know she is getting plenty of attention and love it makes it easier for me to leave her. It's amazing how much I miss her after only a few hours. I am taking her for her two month appointment tomorrow. It will be fun to see her "stats", and how much she has grown. She is such a sweet baby, very content. Our Valentine's day was very special this year. It was fun having Keely celebrate it with us. Papa brought both of us flowers and gifts and we had a few little gifts for him too:). She went to bed a little early so we could share a quiet dinner (Chili's to go...yum!) together. We are starting to venture out a little more now that we are all healthy (praise God). Keely has had her first play date, and gone to her first birthday party. She enjoyed them both of course:). We have had a few nights of 5-6 hour stretches of sleep. We are definitely getting into a routine. Keely is talking a lot, smiling a ton, holding her head up, and has rolled over 3 times (I don't think she knows how she did it though, so we still have a little more time of her being immobile). She also loves the car and going for walks. Will has been working locally, it has been wonderful having him home every night. More to come soon:)